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Mar 06, 2022
In General Discussion
So this is Cody, I know I could text you and I’m not out to nag or be a butt, but I’m feeling like things are going downward again, I thought you had or have a plan josh, comon man, what’s going on? plus on the note of this forum, as ceo I assume making this forum for PTOP shareholders costed money, if your going to spend money on things like this, don’t let it go to waste, If you don’t communicate somewhat often on the forum than it might as well be useless for new and not investors to get involved in the forum. not a single word since February 13 and that’s from me and another, almost a month now not 1 word, there’s nothing else to say but to say I’m hopeful but I’m disappointed and I pray you prove me wrong, I have been a committed investor for so many years, we deserve goodness, not company crapping on us, that includes you josh since you own a lot of shares. man I’m upset, I’m done sharing words for today, hope I got my point across and you prove us all wrong throughout the entire year on actual positive changes in the company that effect the company massively and bring in funding.😢😢😩
Feb 06, 2022


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