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MobiCard Is An Exclusive And Revolutionary Digital Business Card Platform Exchange For Seamless Networking.

Patent photo.jpg

Patent: 10,616,368

Electronic interactive business card mobile software system with customer relationship management database. 

Patent: 10,270,880

The patent covers 19 specific claims.  The three most notable being sharing logic, 3rd party sharing and data analytics shared by a link.

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman & CEO Mr. Sodaitis began his professional career in the retail stock brokerage industry in Boston in 2004, he obtained his Securities licenses including a Series 7, Series 63. Then in 2008, Mr. Sodaitis obtained his Series 24, licensing him as a General Securities Principal.  Mr. Sodaitis supervised investment banking, market making activities and all brokerage operations as the branch manager of PHD Capital New England in Boston.  After consolidation within the banking industry, he moved to the Boston Metal Exchange Inc., where he successfully managed the growth of that company as well.

Beyond his work in the wealth management industry, he was also instrumental in creating one of Massachusetts’ first Medical Marijuana dispensaries, J.M. Farms Patient Group Inc. As the founder and chairman of the board of that company, he was instrumental in helping it to receive the highest points scored by the MA Department of Health in Franklin county.
Mr. Sodaitis has been the CEO of Mobicard, Inc. since 2018 and it has been under his expert leadership that the company has created the Mobicard© mobile apps and the Enterprise solutions that will revolutionize the way we all do business going forward.  He has been instrumental in obtaining two patents for the Mobicard©, with a third patent in progress.  Because of Mr. Sodaitis’ incredible resolve and determination to bring this company to the forefront of personal and business networking, Mobicard, Inc. has a very bright and profitable future.


Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer, Nicholis Santana, started coding at the age of 16 and it has been his passion ever since. With well over 15 years of professional experience, Nicholis brings a creative and inciteful mind to the team that will reflect in our applications. In an attempt to stay ahead of the technology curve, Nicholis is continuing to increase his knowledge in the development field as well as blockchain development. With his experience developing in multiple different environments and teams, he was able to bring in top development talent within the US and abroad. 

Principle Software Engineer and Solutions Architect

Principle Software Engineer and Solutions Architect, Jay Wallace. With 13+ years of experience; he has continued to learn new technologies and ways of doing things which have allowed him to keep advancing throughout his career. He considers himself to be a Jack of many trades but an expert of none; because he wants to always be learning. He enjoys problem solving and believes that there is a solution to every problem that is well understood; and there should be never be a "no" answer until all options are exhausted.


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